Magical Fish Tank

Magical Fish Tank is a slot machine created in HTML5 it includes a series of bonus reels features and it has a fun fish tank theme. If you are an aquarium lover or you simply enjoy creatures under the sea, this is a slot machine that has a wealth of fun options to keep you busy.

The 3×5 video slot machine has been completely remastered to include a wide range of fun experiences on mobile, over your web browser and more. The animated slot machine has a number of fish and seahorses that you can match over the paylines and some solid jackpots across its 20 payline structure.

The slot features a turbo spin option which speeds up play. You can play as fast as you can click and get more spins in than ever before. The turbo play option is still a fairly new feature but it is great if you have limited time and want to hit more bonuses.

The Magical Fish Tank comes with some amazing sound effects too. If you are looking for the a theme that can be very calming and fun, this is a slot machine that comes with unique music, undersea and bubble sounds and the type of adventure that you can only get out of an undersea themed slot machine.

The developer released Magical Fish Tank in 2021, making it a very modern slot machine. If you are looking for a slot that has updated graphics and sound this is certainly a machine that can blow the competition out of the water with its theme and with the style of animations that are found on every spinning reel.

If you are interested in playing a new and updated slot machine for 2021, and you like the undersea theme, this could be the best new slot that you have been waiting for this year.

Enchanted Forest

Enchanted forest is a casino game built in HTML5 and built with a series of colored bonuses on board. As a fairly new casino game launching in April of 2021, the 3×5 virtual slot is build with the best in graphical interfaces and with an incredible 20 paylines. Enchanted forests is all about relaxation. The nature based icons and backgrounds are sure to soothe you as you take part in the game. The bonus feature is fun with a series of reels that can be held during the bonus game to help you win even more prizes!

Most of the theme is based around the idea of a magical forest where you can play your way through relaxing music and with a wealth of fun and exciting paylines to choose from. The Enchanted forest is developed in HTML 5 to ensure that you can play this game no matter where you are wanting to try out an online casino. The Enchanted Forest comes with plenty of bonus games and the chance to quickly edit your bet as required. The game is developed as a virtual slot for play on any device and with the chance to take home some large jackpots.

If you are seeking a modern and relaxing game developed for play on mobile phones and for use on your PC, this is an excellent choice to consider for your next gaming experience. The quality of the gameplay and the excitement that it can bring on is a great choice for your casino experience. Watch the enchanted forest come to life every time that you hit one of the bonus games!

If you want to get started with Enchanted Forest slots, check out the freeplay below or set your deposit and start playing Enchanted Forest for real money!

Egyptian Treasures

If you love treasure themed slot machines, you are going to be a big fan of Egyptian Treasures. This slot machine game is an HTML 5 slot masterpiece including some of the newest designs, sound effects and more. Win big bonuses and enjoy a theme that features a wide range of Egyptian treasures. In this slot machine game, you will be able to feel like you are exploring ancient Egyptian tombs and acquiring beautiful artifacts along the way.

The Egyptian treasures slot is a 4×5 video slot with 20 paylines and a formidable jackpot. Players can bury themselves in Egyptian treasures with the fun of this game. To score big wins with this slot machine, you just need to match 3 symbols on the payline and match together more symbols to take home larger rewards. If you have ever dreamt of exploring the lost pyramids or ancient tombs, this is a great way to find the best in treasures and to enjoy the experience of true treasure hunting.

The slot machine has been well updated for its theme including strong sound effects, Egyptian themed music and more. As you play through this slot machine, you will be able to unlock new mini games and have the option to auto spin with the feature at the bottom. With auto spin, you can have the slot machine continue on for a number of spins at your set bet limit. This speeds up play and keeps you rolling into the next bonus game!

Egyptian Treasures was released in 2021 making it one of the most modern ancient Egypt themed slots on the market. If you are a fan of this style of slot machine and you want to collect some golden treasures on your way to a jackpot, check out this slot machine today.


Welcome to “ZombieLand”, our newest HTML5 innovation that delivers a gaming experience like no other. Step into a world of witches, zombies, skulls, and mythical creatures and navigate your way to victory. Our quick spin feature eliminates pay line animations, so you can enjoy the thrill, without any unwanted interruptions. Simply click the spin button as you see fit and let us take care of the rest.  With 20 active pay lines, Zombie Land provides a multitude of reward combinations, a free spin feature, and a bonus feature. Paying only the highest win per line, this game guarantees that your rewards match your efforts. Enter the land of the gruesome and emerge a victor!

Golden Slots

Golden slots are a brightly colored traditional slot where everything is related to luck. If you are a fan of more traditional slot machines featuring card face symbols, jewels, lucky 7’s and more, this is just the traditional slot for you.

Golden Slots plays just like a fantastic digital slot you would check out in a casino but with the power of HTML5. You can play this incredible traditional digital slot anywhere. It is well optimized for mobile devices and tablets; it works well in a web browser and the icons pop on modern displays.

You can take the luckiest journey to some massive jackpots here. Golden Slots features a purple background with golden colors and blue diamonds. The colors are great on the eyes and they really hone the excitement as you play on through the game. If you regularly find yourself attracted to the big lights of Vegas and slot machines that are more traditional for play, this is an option that will help you find the perfect experience of a Las Vegas digital slot machine.

You can set up your line bets from 3-20 lines at a time. The 3×5 reel design ensures up to 20 paylines on a max bet and the chance to customize your bet based on the way you play. You can see some pretty large jackpots on this machine with the max bet feature and the auto start feature will make it easier for you to get off many spins at a time to trigger the locking reels bonus feature.

If you have been seeking a slot machine that plays more like a traditional Casino slot without all the crazy animations and complex bonus games, Golden Slots is a great choice for you.


Mobsters is a slot machine games that helps you dive into an underbelly of crime and Mafia themed fun. This HTML5 slot machine brings together a series of mafia characters, wild animations, cups of scotch, piles of money, guns and more. Mobsters is far from your traditional slot machine. It is a combination of classic 3×5 slot machine play as well as a series of fun bonus games.

The idea of Mobsters is to make you feel like a mafia boss making your collections and taking out the competition so that you can reign supreme over the city. The slot machine theme is not one that is well duplicated and this modern HTML5 slot machine is available for play on mobile devices, browsers, tablets and more.

The fast spin feature will help you enjoy more of the bonus games and the setup will also allow you to quickly skip over animations. With the animations skipped over and the auto spin feature, you can certainly see more play but without all of the fun theme elements that make this game so special. See how your characters react, listen to the fun sound effects and take in the New York mafia style soundtrack that plays over the game as you play. The interesting theme here will have you coming back for more and more in a classic style slot machine.

Even though there are plenty of animations and many unique features on this slot, it often plays like any other fun digital machine. You can see fairly spectacular jackpots and you will be able to play as fast or as slow as you want. If you are a fan of crime dramas or films like The Godfather, this is a slot that you should really check out for your next online casino experience. You are going to love Mobsters and the amazing rewards you can get from playing!