The nature of casino games changed considerably in the year 2021. There were less people travelling, less people going to physical casinos and more people trying out online play for the first time. There are a number of top ranked online casino games that are favoured by people worldwide. Playing games with some of the best payouts and the top ranked gaming for this year could have you meeting some favourable odds and games that will dial up the excitement for your online casino experience. Here are some of the most popular types of online casino games this year:


Traditional slots are still a game type that sits on top of gambling experiences worldwide. Slots today can come in a wide range of styles including heavy animation and bonus slots all the way down to traditional and one arm bandit style slots. A good slot machine can come with great music, plenty of line bets and fun bonuses to keep the game very exciting for anyone playing.


Blackjack also remains a very popular gaming type. With a quality black jack strategy, you can continually see favourable odds in online casino gaming. Many people get tired of the ongoing strategy and find it less exciting, even though it is a proven fair game.


Roulette is still a very popular choice for digital casino gaming. You can change up your bets and play American or European style to find a strategy that is going to work best for your gaming style. Roulette strategy is a way that many people enjoy favourable experiences online in gaming and the experience can be just the same as playing in a physical casino.

Video poker:

Video poker games against a dealer or player vs player remain popular experiences online. Choosing to play video poker can require experience and strategy. When you develop a talent for it however, it can be quite a popular and profitable casino game!

Keep these popular games in mind as you are looking for a great online casino to try out this year.

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