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Black jack strategy is extremely crucial for those that are new to the game and for people that would like to increase their odds of winning. In a game of blackjack, it is often advantageous to make certain moves like hitting, staying or splitting when you are presented with certain cards. Having a chart or memorizing the best times that you should be hitting, standing, splitting etc, will help you to win more consistently. Memorizing the tables and playing consistently will help you become more dedicated and ensures that you will have a slight edge over the house.

In order to keep your edge in blackjack, you need to play perfectly. This will often mean sticking to your charge and making sure that you are highly focused on the game. Staying focused can be fairly tough with bright lights, sounds and other items to distract you. Playing at home can be a huge advantage here as you will be able to better focus on the game.

The basic strategy chart for blackjack works using an assumed number of decks you are drawn from and not a completely random hand. It assumes that based on several decks of cards and puts the odds of each hand in mind based on the first two cards you receive. The slight variation of the strategy changes based on the number of decks you would play with. 6 deck games are different than single deck games etc.

Once you get the basic strategy down, you need to understand the rules of blackjack such as what the dealers parameters may be as well as any other house rules that may be in place. Keeping these specific ideas in mind can make sure you will know when the dealer may stand on 17 or introduce a need to hit.

Keep some of these top ideas in mind as you are exploring black jack basic strategy. Remember to follow your chart and do your best to play perfectly, and you can maintain a house edge.

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